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Fall Flowers and Plants

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Fall Flowers


We grow in excess of sixty five thousand premium nine inch mums every summer. These plants are started early and fed well enough to attain maximum size and durability. If you are a wholesale buyer we honestly believe that we can grow your market significantly while making it possible for you to realize higher profits on each plant.

We also offer ten inch hanging basket mums. These are started early and given extra space to allow them to get even larger. They are well received and we often sell out of them early. We also grow a triple mum in a fourteen inch terra cotta colored pot. This item grows into a thirty six to forty eight inch dome that is supported with a mesh that the plant grows through.

We produce thousands of fall garden planters in fourteen inch pots. It has been very difficult for us to keep up with the rapidly increasing demand for these planters. We use a variety of colorful fall plants in these to make them extremely attractive. We can guarantee that you will never be disappointed by bringing these onto your porch, garden or sales yard.

We grow thousands of fall kale and cabbage in nine inch terra cotta colored pots. The size of these plants is much larger than plants grown in 6" to 8" pots. Again, you will experience growth in sales by offering this kind of quality.

We now offer a kale planter in a fourteen inch pot. This consists of four kale or cabbage plants with a dracaena spike or penacedum rubrum in the center. These are a beautiful product with less expense than the fall garden planters.

We have a limited supply of ornamental pepper plants in nine inch pots. These are the new in thing for fall and the demand for these is growing fast.

New for this fall we are offering fall hanging gardens in 12 inch hanging baskets. These colorful hanging baskets feature a mum, grass and trailing vegatation, ornamental peppers and Celosia. We will also be offering a 9" compact mixed planter which contains a mix of Echinacea,Gaillardia,Celosia and Kale. Also new for this year will be the 9" Echinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit', Celosia 'Kelos Series', Gaillardia and Dwarf Hibiscus in a 9" pot. This would be a perfect addition to your fall line up.