300 Frysville Road
Ephrata, PA 17522

Toll-Free: (800) 422-3797
Local Phone: (717) 354-4501

Christmas Poinsettia Plants

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Frysville Farms is a family owned farm that has been serving the community, through agriculture, since 1783 on the same 200 acres of land and is currently operated by seventh, eighth, and ninth generation of Frys. Our operation centers around three seasons, Christmas, Spring and Fall.

The anchor of our fall crop is mums. We grow over 65,000 large and beautiful mums in 9x6 pots. We also offer mums in 10 inch hanging baskets and 6 ½ inch pots. In addition to the mums we grow thousands of kale and cabbage plants, hundreds of ornamental peppers, and pennisetum rubrum in 9 inch pots.

Relatively new to our fall program are our planters. We grow an outstanding fall garden planter, kale and cabbage planters, and mum planters. These are all grown in 14 inch colored pots for maximum customer appeal. Also make sure to check out our fall page for more information and pictures.

We produce:

  • Thousands of Pumpkins
  • 80,000 Poinsettias
  • Millions of Bedding Plants
  • Thousands of Wreaths
  • 65,000 Fall Garden Mums
  • 30,000 Foliage & Flowering Hanging Baskets
  • 12,000 Perennials
  • Thousands of Fall Garden Planters